How To Spot A Bad Personal Trainer

Signs your personal trainer sucks

When searching for a personal trainer, it is important that you find one that will have a positive impact on your health. With that said, how does someone differentiate a good personal trainer from a bad one? This may not seem so obvious especially if you’ve never hired a trainer before. Just like any other industry, not all personal trainers are created equal. Just because someone is a “certified” personal trainer doesn’t make them a good trainer.

a bad personal trainer

If you are going to hire a trainer or already working with one, here are some signs to look for to spot a bad personal trainer:

Generic Meal Plans

If a trainer gives you a meal plan without asking you a series of questions about your health and medical history, chances are you receiving a cookie-cutter meal plan. These are meal plans that are just about given to every client and not tailored to your needs. Think about it, if they haven’t asked any questions about your health, how are they supposed to know what you can or cannot have?

As a personal trainer, it’s their job to take their client’s needs and health into concern. It is not just about achieving the body the clients looking for. It is about doing it in a healthy and sustainable way.

Generic Training Program

Just like the generic meal plans, the same thing goes for training programs. If a trainer gave you a list of workouts without getting a good understanding of your health, then chances are that they gave the program to hundreds of other clients.

This is important to watch out for because everyone has individual preferences: Things they can or cannot do, health history, and experience. It’s crucial for a personal trainer to create a structured program based on the information you provided.

Ignore Safety or Health Issues

If your current personal trainer threw you straight into a training program and meal plan without asking you to fill out a questionnaire or asking about your medical history, how are they supposed to know you can even do a certain exercise or eat a certain food?

It’s extremely important to take the client’s health into consideration. There are some people who just can’t squat or deadlift because of an injury. Just because your personal trainer prescribes these exercises does not mean you have to do them because that’s what’s in their program.

Not Taking Notes

If your trainer is not writing anything down or making note of things, how do you expect them to know where you last left off? While it is important as a client to document their progress get the most of their personal training sessions, it’s just equally important to a personal trainer to analyze their clients and note what you may be doing wrong so that they can maximize your results.

Take a second to think about it. If a personal trainer has dozens of clients, what are the chances they will remember your problem areas? Different client struggles with different things. If your trainer isn’t taking notes, chances are they will most likely forget.

Not Focusing on Clients Goal

This is common with newer personal trainers. They tend to project their own goals onto yours. Trainers who are packing on a lot of muscle will give advice as if that was everyone’s goal. We get it, just because you are ripped and muscular does not mean that is what everyone else wants.

It is a personal trainer’s job to support their clients and get them to where they want to be. This is done through motivating, educating, and inspiring. Not necessarily giving you a plan that they are currently on.

Lack of Communication

This happens more often than not, many trainers after signing you up and giving you those generic training/meal programs hardly will ever communicate with their clients on their progress.

It’s a trainer’s job to coach their clients through their progress. Clients hire personal trainers because they need their help. They need to know whether adjustments are needed to be made. They need to know if they are on the right track.

Imagine going to math class and your teacher just handed you a math book and does not go over the materials with you. This is a fast way to failure.

A good personal trainer knows how to effectively communicate so that you feel as if all of your problems have been addressed.

All-in-all if you see your personal trainer doing anything in the above list, chances are you are better off finding a new trainer.

If booking a personal trainer for a single session is possible, do that first to make sure they aren’t displaying any of the characteristics above.

Finding the right personal trainer can be the difference between a healthier, stronger, fitter you or someone who will not succeed in what they want and end up hating exercising.

Good personal trainers are out there and finding the right one for you will have a big impact on your success.