Best Gyms In Sacramento

With so many different gym options in Sacramento, selecting one for you can be overwhelming. You would think they are all basically the same, after all, they have most of the same equipment. The difference you may encounter is pricing, amenities, specific machines, environment, nutrition stores, and personal trainers.

So whether you’re looking for the gym with the best Sacramento personal trainers or amenities, we hope you find this article useful. With that said here are the most popular gyms in Sacramento with our honest opinion of each one.

gym in Sacramento

24 Hour Fitness: With gyms being open 24 hours a day and fair membership pricing, this gym is our recommended gym. Most 24 Hour Fitness gyms have amenities such as pool, steam room, and sauna. This gym has all the basic types of equipment you could look for in a gym along with a nutritional store to replenish your body after a workout. There are several 24 Hour Fitness in Sacramento and surrounding areas. So no matter what part of Sacramento you are located, there is a 24 Hour club near you.

The average price for a member range from $10-$30 depending on if you’re buying in bulk or paying on a per month basis. You can upgrade for an additional $10/month to gain access to their supersport. Which has more equipment and amenities.

Planet Fitness: If you’re on a tight budget then this gym is for you. At just $10/month this gym has all the basic exercise types of equipment: barbells, dumbells, treadmills, treadmills, etc. The gym has a pink and yellow theme. Depending on your preference this may or may not bother you. The gym also restricts any loud gruntings. So if you prefer a gym that doesn’t have aggressive bodybuilders yelling this is probably the right gym for you.

California Family Fitness: A great gym if budget isn’t an issue. Membership pricing ranges from $40-$70/month depending on if you buy a year ahead of time or month-to-month. This gym has all the basic equipment, amenities, nutrition shop, and massage rooms (additional fees may be required).

With over 18 gyms in the Sacramento and surrounding regions, finding a California Family Fitness is relatively easy.

Anytime Fitness: Good if you like an uncrowded gym. As the name says, this gym is open for you 24 hours 7 days a week. You get a key fob that you will use to enter anytime you please. There will be no employee to greet you and this gym doesn’t tend to get overcrowded. They don’t contain as much equipment as your other gyms but does have the basics most people look for.

In order to become a member of this gym, you will need to pay a full year upfront. Expect to pay $400 for the year (about $33.33 a month) and additional for the keyfob.

Golds Gym: Considered one of the oldest bodybuilding gyms, you can find all the best equipment here. Great for bodybuilders because of the number of squat racks, bench stations, platforms, and heavy dumbells. Unfortunately, there are not any steam rooms or saunas. On the bright side, depending on your membership, you can get access to massage rooms and discounts on cooler drinks.

There are 4 Golds Gym in the Sacramento area. This could be a close or far drive depending on where you are located. Pricing will range from $10-$25/month depending if you are willing to pay to a sign-up fee which can range from $50-$150.

Crunch: While being around for a while, Crunch gym is relatively new to Sacramento. Similar to your family gyms, you can find all the basic gym equipment here. There are amenities such as massages, live online workouts, and tanning.

Prices will vary between $10-$30/month. The lower end of the price spectrum limits you to the gym you sign-up at while the more expensive membership allows access to all Crunch gyms.

If you’re looking to join a gym in Sacramento, then know that you have plenty of options. Whether you’re looking for a personal trainer in Sacramento or group fitness class, most gyms mentioned above have trial memberships allowing you to try before you buy. Give each gym a shot and see what you like best.

If you’re looking to hire a personal trainer with your gym membership, here is a great guide on how to pick the right personal trainer.